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We are pretty sure that you have heard the famous word “Lycian Way” even once in your life. If not let us tell you a little bit more about the area and take you around so that you have a better grasp of our this cultural site.

Lycian way, one of the most picturesque routes in the world, is famous with being over 500 km long, starting from Hisarönü stretching to Antalya. It takes its name from the ancient civilization Lycia, which once ruled the area. Being Turkey’s very first long-distance walking route, it was made in order to identify and protect some of Turkey’s old roads. This 500 km long route has been a home for many trekkers, hikers, mountain bikers, as well as horseback riders and we definitely believe that now is your turn to discover the beauties of it and “travel in history” on horseback.

Join us and smell the fabulous forestry predominates; where pines are mixed with strawberry trees and carob, and give way to juniper and cedar at higher elevations while passing through the gates that open to the magnificent sea view. This tour is for experienced riders only, where we will be riding for 4-5 hours beach ridind and historical riding  daily with well mannered, high-spirited Arab and Anatolian-Arab breed mares.

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